Our Business

Our business is mainly focused on the successful development of the BPM and its surrounding community of Ledig. With 17 000 residents, Ledig lies directly north of the mine. The project encompasses an underground mine that will comprise twin independent vertical shafts and a shorter third shaft. The main shaft will be for miners and materials, with a second shaft for ventilation. The third shaft is intended for support functions, added ventilation and as an escape route. The main shaft is intended to have a hoisting capacity of 250 000 tonnes of ore and 15 000 tonnes of waste per month. An initial 230 000 tons per month will be mined from the Merensky Reef, with 20 000 tpm coming from the secondary UG2 Reef. After the Merensky Reef is depleted (between 10 to 15 years from the start of production), the full 265 000 tpm will comprise UG2 ore only. The Merensky Reef and the UG2 ore will be mined through semi-mechanised or hybrid methods using conventional methods on the face and mechanised ore-handling and development.