About Jinchuan

Jinchuan Group Co Ltd. is a large mining group engaged in mining, concentrating, metallurgy and chemical engineering and deep processing, which vertically integrates the mining industry and metals. Through the green development, clean production and comprehensive utilization throughout the whole world, limited resources will be converted to products and services required by customers, thus promoting the economic prosperity and the common progress of the enterprise, staff and society.

More than 50 years ago, due to the discovery of Jinchuan Nickel Mine, Jinchuan was founded in a small village located at the foot of the Longshou Mountain in the middle Hexi Corridor in North West China. Today, Jinchuan Group Co Ltd.has become the fourth largest nickel manufacturing enterprise in the world, the second largest cobalt manufacturing enterprise in the world, the third largest copper manufacturing enterprise in China, and first largest platinum group metal manufacturing enterprise in China. On April 28, 2011, Jinchuan Group Co Ltd. obtained the highest award in China’s industry field – the Chinese Industrial Award.

The headquarters of Jinchuan is located in Jinchang City of Gansu Province in northwest China. Jinchuan Headquarters has 32 production and auxiliary service units, and the layout includes the vertically integrated complete product industry chain for mine, ore dressing and smelting. It also has many related diverse auxiliary industries such as engineering construction, mechanical manufacturing and automation engineering, and has world-class mining, ore dressing and smelting process flows. It has an annual production capacity of 0.15 million tons of nickel, 0.6 million tons of copper, 10,000 tons of cobalt and 2.8 million tons of chemical products. On this basis, it focuses on the smelting and processing of nickel, copper and cobalt, as well as the chemical processing of materials. It also develops strategic new emerging industries such as the deep processing, new materials and new energy.