Employee Housing

Wesizwe has made a commitment to deliver housing units for the company’s employees parallel to the development of the project and the growth in its workforce. In collaboration with the Bakubung-Ba-Ratheo Traditional Council, the North West Department of Local Government and Housing, Wesizwe has undertaken to support the development of housing in the Moses Kotane local municipal area.


It is anticipated that the BPM will employ a permanent workforce of 3,374 employees between 2017 and 2049. This translates to a requirement of between 1,002 and 1,336 housing units at the mine’s peak in the year 2034. These employees will be engaged at different intervals over the mine’s life of 30 years. Housing needs will therefore be determined by the number and level of employees working at the mine at any given period. The mine will therefore endeavour to improve the quality of accommodation for its employees through the provision of accommodation allowances, the promotion of the importance and benefits of home ownership, and educating employees through programmes regarding living budgets, housing options, accessing government housing loans and subsidies


During 2013 Wesizwe concluded a pre-feasibility study on employee housing and evaluated a number of housing site options in the local area. Wesizwe’s preference is to partner with local municipalities in the development of housing estates. In 2014 we will conduct a full feasibility study into housing for our future employees.  Furthermore, Wesizwe is developing a funding “blue print” for financing the construction of housing units. The funding blue-print will make use of a number of state supported housing financing institutions currently available to organisations developing large housing projects. Wesizwe will prioritise housing ownership by employees, with a certain amount of rental stock being made available to persons who choose to rent rather than buy.